Image of Wings of Desire: Fey Chronicles Book #1 (Volume 1)


Image of Wings of Desire: Fey Chronicles Book #1 (Volume 1)

This highly erotic adventure into the world of the fae will titillate and enchant. Rhiannon’s bold brand of humor enlivens the pages, and Cerne’s obstinacy makes one wonder if he’s ever going to get his intended. There’s a great cast of supporting characters living in an imaginative world.

When Cerne transports Rhiannon to the land of Fey from Earth, after informing her she is the lost White Faerie Princess and he is her consort, she is not amused. Proud that she has saved herself for the right man, Rhiannon is still attracted to Cerne. Their passion becomes a battle of wills as a war with the Black Faerie Korrigan looms. Rhiannon meets her parents, King Oberon and Queen Tatiana, and grows stronger in her faerie powers. Will those powers be enough to withstand the forthcoming onslaught? (ARIANNASKYE.COM, 2010, 342 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown