Newly widowed and penniless, Emma Winthrop is forced to sell her Philadelphia home and all her belongings to pay her husband's creditors. Emma grudgingly accepts help from her husband's step-brother, Grayson Sinclair.

After traveling to Gray's Texas plantation, Emma struggles to fit into Gray's family and a foreign way of life. While she quickly comes to love Gray's young daughter, Alice, and his mother, Virginia, she is appalled by slavery.

Mistakenly believing Gray to be cruel and unfeeling, Emma fights her growing attraction to him and begins dreaming of independence. Gray, meanwhile, is determined to get rid of Emma and his uncontrollable desire for her by marrying her off. But after spending a passion-filled night together, Emma and Gray are compelled to marry.

As they slowly reconcile their differences and acknowledge their growing feelings, an evil specter from Gray's past threatens their chance of happiness. As Emma and Gray fight to protect their family and learn to trust, their newfound love grows and strengthens.

WINGS OF MORNING is an enlightening story of two disenchanted people opening their hearts to the promise of enduring love. Ms. Thompson imbues her characters with strength, eloquence and dignity as they deal with many complex issues. A wonderfully engrossing read. (July, 382 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri McNeill