Orphaned at an early age, Regan Drummond passes her childhood in a run-down castle in 16th-century Scotland. The heir to money and power, she's been rejected all her life, but now she's marrying a friend. But when he's slain on their wedding night, Regan feels responsible. So she tracks down his killer, Iain Campbell.

Her quest for justice takes her deep into the enemy camp and costs her far more than she bargained for -- namely her heart. Could this Campbell of seeming faith and courage be a coward and murderer? Her heart says no, but bitter life experience keeps her suspicious.

Regan's character shines throughout an enjoyable, yet often predictable, plot. The period detail is nicely presented, but a more original villain would have added spice. (Feb., 288 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson