When Abby MacLeod signs up to participate in an archeological dig in Israel, she does not expect to become a suspect in a murder. But she was the last one to see an Israeli secret agent alive. Things get complicated as she navigates friendships between both Israelis and Palestinians. She learns the significance of the age-old request, Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. She also must come to terms with her ex-husband, his betrayal and desire for forgiveness.

Wings of Refuge weaves the story of a first-century Jewess with that of her contemporary in the early years of Israelis statehood, to add historical background and introduce Messianic Judaism. Unfortunately, the romance story takes a backseat to the politics and history, but the plot is engaging and the setting relevant. Readers interested in Israel and Zionism should enjoy this novel. (May, 400 pp., $11.99)

Reviewed by: 
Roberta Blair