Jenna Duncan has held onto the family farm after her parents' deaths and her wayward gambler brother's desertion. When she finds a badly wounded man, she realizes he is Blue Montgomery, the pen pal who moved away when she was 12. Via their mail contact, they've fallen in love, and Blue has come to marry her.

The wounded man has Blue's Bible and the same incredible blue eyes, but no memory. As he recovers, he's confronted with Jenna's display of love but isn't sure he loves her or should marry her. In fact, he becomes less sure he is Blue. But when he stays to protect Jenna in a crisis, both discover that their hearts ring true after all.

Charlene Sands engages reader interest with a finely tuned and heartwarming traditional romance about pioneer spirit, the mythos of the land and two people becoming one. SENSUAL (Jun., 200 pp., $5.25)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger