Dallas business magnate E.J. Sommer finds himself rescuing a waitress-in-distress from her boss. Worried that she could lose her job, single mother Sara Flynn is less than grateful. Sara concerns herself with daughter Hayley's well-being to the exclusion of her own personal life, and when her child-care arrangement falls through, she accepts the offer of a second job at E.J.'s company's day care. Eventually both Sara and E.J. must risk some personal truths to find love. WINNING SARA'S HEART (2) by Mary Anne Wilson has an engaging fairy-tale premise but is thrown off track by Sara's inflexibility and lack of humor. Likewise, E.J. deliberately evades every early attempt Sara makes to get to know him, something hardly conducive to creating a trusting, long-term romance.

Reviewed by: 
Kimberley Harvey