Eliza Jones believes her dreams have come true when Matt Decker sends for her to be his wife. Eliza has always been enamored of Matt, a head strong rancher who left his family to carve out a successful empire in Wyoming.

After losing his first wife in childbirth, Matt believes he needs a woman he will not love, but one who can give him a son. He allows his mother to make all the arrangements, not knowing who his bride is until he lifts her heavy veil after the ceremony.

Matt is stunned to see Eliza, the pesky little girl who initiated the fight that led to his estrangement with his father. Matt refuses to honor the marriage vows; instead he promises to seek an annulment as soon as possible. Eliza is hurt and angry but stays in town to find employment.

Circumstances fling Eliza into Matts home, and while he awaits the judge to draw up the necessary papers, he and Eliza begin a sensual battle of wits and misunderstandings.

WINTER BRIDE has some wonderfully humorous moments as Eliza strives to adapt to ranch life (the little orphan, Jenny, and one of Matts ranch hands add to the humor). There are many tender moments that readers will not want to miss as they pull at your heartstrings and give you a wonderful glow. SENSUAL (Mar., 293 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie-Dennis Greer