While hot on the trail of the infamous Culpepper clan, Case Maxwell finds himself in Utah's stone mountains, a hair's breath from young widow Sarah Kennedy's ranch.

Orphaned at 13, married at 14 and widowed at 16, Sarah is no stranger to the harshness of life. Along with her younger brother, Connor, an old outlaw and a retired sporting lady, Sarah runs her ranch and continues to search for a lost Spanish treasure her husband told her about. Her treasure hunting has made her a target of the greedy, ruthless Culpeppers.

Case has no illusions about the goodness of men or the healing power of love until he is wounded in a gunfight and taken to Sarah's home. Sarah reluctantly cares for the stranger as she would one of her wounded hawks, though she knows a man can be even more dangerous than a bird of prey.

As Case heals, he comes to respect and admire Sarah's strength and tenderness while she puts aside her fear of men.

Thrown together on a double hunt, for the treasure and the Culpeppers, Sarah and Case unleash not only their fiery passions, but all the demons that haunt them. Along with Case's brother, Hunter, and their friends, Sarah and Case vanquish their enemies but must still learn to trust in the power of love.

Elizabeth Lowell's romances burn hotter than any winter fire and once again her passionate, beautifully rendered romance blazes though the pages, melting reader's hearts. VERY SENSUAL (Nov., 384 pp., $20.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin