When elderly ladies Calliope and Thalia Trayce invite Miss Genova Smith to a ball at the home of their great-nephew Rothgar, Genova accepts.

Their other great-nephew, the Marquis of Ashart, decides to join them. Though he has a reputation as a rake, Ash intrigues—and exasperates—Genova. He has reasons of his own for attending the revels, as he harbors hatred for cousin Rothgar. But with love at stake, Ash may have to find a way to let go of old hatreds when Rothgar offers an olive branch. Can there be peace at Christmas for them all?

A mistress of her craft, Beverley brings together characters from her Malloren and Trayce families in this page-turning, memorable story. Sensual, at times funny and witty, and delivering some of the best innuendo-filled dialogue I have ever read, this one is a holiday story for the whole year. SENSUAL (Nov., 303 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond