Davalyn Bowers fell in love with her brother Donovan's best friend, Cutter McCall, when she was a little girl. In those days, Cutter was very protective of Dav and cherished the friendship he shared with her family.

When Dav and Donovan's parents divorced, their mother moved to Maryland with Dav while Donovan was left with his father in the small town of Kemah. Almost 20 years later, Dav returns to Kemah after her father's death. She and Donovan share the family home, conveniently located next door to Cutter and his son, Bennett. As Dav's feelings for Cutter reemerge, her boyfriend, Julian,forces her to deal with the realities of their relationship.

Beyond living next door, Dav and Cutter also work at the Kemah Fire Department, Dav as an investigator and Cutter as a volunteer firefighter. As their relationship develops, Cutter has to deal with his more-than-brotherly feelings toward Dav, his threatened friendship with Donovan and the antics of his ex-wife.

Readers will thoroughly enjoy the steady development of the characters, the comedic scenes and the totally unexpected twist regarding Julian. (Oct., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims