Escaping the confines of an institution that had been more like a prison than a hospital, Dinah Odell travels to a lonely ranch in the Sierra Nevada Mountains to care for a mentally fragile young woman. However, it is Tristan Fletcher who strikes fear into Dinah's heart.

Made cold and hard by his difficult childhood, the half-breed boy has grown into a powerful man who hides his vulnerability under an iciness that chills Dinah.

After her experiences in the institution Dinah vows to make a place for herself on the ranch and not to allow Tristan's sister Elizabeth to drive her away. With courage and intelligence Dinah gradually wins Elizabeth's confidence.

There is something about the new nurse that disturbs Tristan. She is outspoken and feisty, yet he senses that Dinah is hiding something, and once Tristan discovers the truth he is determined to keep her safe, even if he must marry her. When Dinah's secret comes to light, she and Tristan band together to hold on to the precious love they have found.

This spin-off from Wild Heart blends romance and mystery to perfection, drawing readers into a well-plotted tale filled with memorable characters. Jane Bonander reaches out to her readers' hearts with this powerfully emotional and very moving romance. SENSUAL (May, 302 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin