After fleeing her abusive husband (believing she has killed him) Libby O'Hanlon is determined to begin a new life as a teacher in Dear Creek, Montana. But when Sheriff Matt Brandon helps her off the train, Libby fears her past has caught up to her.

Matt is curious about the new schoolmarm, but it isn't until he contracts pneumonia and Libby doctors him that he gives into his true feelings and their mutual desire grow.

Their concern for a young abused boy, Dylan, as well as their newfound passion. forge a powerful bond between them. Libby must overcome her fear and Matt needs to learn to trust in his feelings before they can admit their love.

However, Libby's past returns to threaten everything she has come to love.

Ms. McKade writes a romance filled with finely drawn characters that the reader will come to love and admire even though they are hampered by a predictable plot. SENSUAL (Jan., 380 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner