Image of Winter Kiss: A Dragonfire Novel


Image of Winter Kiss: A Dragonfire Novel

It's time for another firestorm as red-hot Cooke serves up the next Dragonfire novel. This chapter delves into one dragon's suicidal quest, with a heroine who is smart, savvy and not easily fazed. It's a terrific addition to this passionate and power-packed series!

Because he died and was brought back to life with dragon's blood elixir by the evil slayer Magnus, Delaney doesn't trust himself and fears that Magnus has too much control over his actions. Having broken away from his Pyr brethren, Delaney seeks to destroy Magnus and the elixir.

On his way to Magnus' current location, fate slaps Delaney in the face. He enters his firestorm with potential mate Ginger Sinclair. Their passionate night together is one Delaney will cherish, but he resumes his quest. What he doesn't count on is Ginger tracking him and running right into a dragon battle. But Ginger has guts and won't back down, even after an abrupt introduction to the supernatural. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Nov., 416 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith