Sweet and wise, but also laugh-out-loud funny at times, Wiggs' latest boasts
a multilayered plot and a crowd of one-of-a-kind characters. Even non-bakers may be tempted to try the recipes sprinkled liberally throughout.

Grief-stricken over the recent death of the grandmother who raised her, columnist Jenny Majesky is suffering from panic attacks and insomnia when the family home burns to the ground. Losing everything except the bakery she inherited -- and being taken in by Sheriff Rourke McKnight -- gives Jenny new focus.

She and Rourke have a long, rocky history, and sharing space may force them -- finally -- to face their feelings for each other, to the delight of the whole town. But Jenny has other issues to deal with: She recently discovered who her father is and is getting to know him and the sister she didn't know she had.

And then there's Jenny's dream of writing a book, which she's had since childhood, and which her new family may be able to help her realize. (MIRA, Feb., 416 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer