Image of The Winter Prince (Signet Eclipse)


Image of The Winter Prince (Signet Eclipse)

Sawyer translates her gift for romantic fiction to straight historical fiction with aplomb in this epic story about real-life characters who lived in turbulent times. Sawyer brings them and the era to life through vibrant descriptions of everything from Charles I's court to the battlefields and exile in the Hague. This is a multi-textured story that reverberates with thrilling historical events and the remarkable people who lived them.

In 1641, Charles I places Parliament on notice by arresting five of its members. His actions push the already brewing tensions into a full-fledged war for political power. Into this struggle comes Mary Villiers, the Duchess of Richmond and Lennox, and Charles' nephew, Prince Rupert of Bohemia, aka the Winter Prince.

Both well read, politically savvy and passionate about doing what is right, the kindred souls are drawn to one another. Rupert knows instantly that Mary is the one woman who matches him in every way, but she's married, and he won't ask her to break that vow. Their friendship moves to a passionate alliance as the war heats up and they are constantly in danger -- in England, on the battlefields and in exile. Their affair places them in danger of being accused of treason, yet their stand with Charles makes it impossible not to fall in love. But it is a love that cannot be and Rupert rides off into battle, leaving Mary to return to her husband in a bittersweet ending to a beautiful love. (NAL, Apr., 400 pp., $14.00)
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Kathe Robin