Devout spinster Arissa Conway, adopted daughter of a physician, has made a name for herself by taking over her father's practice and running the family inn, the Chateau Royale.

Yet her half-brother threatens everything when he takes up with the Rebels and is wounded. It is an American, one of the very people she loathes, who saves her brother.

In gratitude, Arissa gives Phillip Monroe a safe place to rebuild his life after losing his wife. In the weeks that pass, she gives her heart to him before he shows up in an American uniform.

Betrayed by the spy she has come to love, Arissa disobeys a direct order and is arrested as a Loyalist. Phillip frees her on the condition that they marry. But after one night of passion, he is forced to go to war.

When word comes that both Phillip and her brother are lost, Arissa finds herself making a new life and discovering the family she never knew in New York. Death, betrayal and secrets are just the beginning for this romance.

Arissa and Phillip's story is the second in Ms. Windsor's "Borderline" series and it's filled with sumptuous detail and heart-tugging drama. Finely drawn characters hold our attention as this tale is gently woven with the previous one. A fine, fine read. SENSUAL (Dec., 381 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black