Image of Winter Roses (Long, Tall Texans)


Image of Winter Roses (Long, Tall Texans)
All her life, accountant Ivy Conley has been ill-treated by her family, particularly her drug-addicted older sister, Rachel. But Ivy has risen above it all, and her achievement hasn't gone unnoticed by wealthy rancher Stuart York. The brother of her closest friend, Stuart's been attracted to Ivy forever, but he's always considered her too young for him. With her 21st birthday on the horizon, however, Stuart begins to rethink that -- and his views on marriage. Diana Palmer's Winter Roses (3) is an old-fashioned Cinderella story with some edge. Unfortunately, the plot overpowers the romance -- and Ivy's just too sweet and naïve to be believable.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer