Image of The Winters in Bloom: A Novel


Image of The Winters in Bloom: A Novel

Tucker examines the way our pasts influence our parenting, how we pass on or try to avoid our own childhood experiences. This story also illustrates the need to face and resolve the past before we can fully appreciate the present. The author cleverly imparts these life lessons through the tale of one family.

David and Kyra Winter have each survived pasts so painful that they have never even discussed them with each other. Their lovely son Michael survived meningitis and is the center of their lives. However, their lives are bound by parental anxieties. When Michael turns 5 they decide that he should be able to go in the fenced yard by himself for 30 minutes a day. When he is kidnapped from the yard, the police are convinced it must be someone they know. Now all the ghosts of the past come back to swirl around the Winters. (ATRIA, Sep., 270 pp., $25.00)
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