Just like peanut butter and chocolate, Carr and Rylon’s talents meld together in perfect harmony. Their writing skills shine in book one of the Compass Girls where they tell a tale about giving in and letting go. The hero and heroine are extremely likable and well developed, and their sexual connection is electrifying. Erotica fans will be waiting with bated breath for the next book in the series and hoping one of their favorite minor characters will be spotlighted next.

Sienna Compton puts her life on hold to wait for her boyfriend of six years to pop the question. College boy Josh is a little too resistant to entering the real world and asks for a break in their relationship. Luckily, drop-dead gorgeous ex-bull rider Daniel Lennon is hired by Sienna’s father to lend a hand at his horse breeding business. Daniel has had his share of tumbles in the hayloft, and when scantily clad Sienna shows up at his door offering a no-strings-attached relationship, he has no trouble teaching her what lovemaking is all about. Daniel brings out her passion and fire, and she makes him begin to long for things like family, roots and true love. He’s just keeping his fingers crossed that Sienna feels the same and Josh is out of the picture for good. (SAMHAINPUBLISHING.COM, dl $4.50)
Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi