When Winter Fawn discovers a wounded white man on Arapaho land, she brings him to her village, even though she knows that the area is ready to be engulfed in the Indian Wars and what she is doing could ignite the wars to full force.

Carson Dulaney has come West with his sisters to start over after the Civil War. He is not prepared for the harshness and danger of the land that is to be his new home. He is near death when Winter Fawn saves his life.

Carsons guide is Winter Fawns white father. Her love for her father and her loyalty to her mothers tribe have left Winter Fawn a woman torn between two worlds.

By bringing Carson to the Arapaho and endangering their peace, she has become an enemy of her people and has no choice but to follow her father and Carson away from home.

Yet, Winter Fawn does not fear her journey because she has fallen in love with Carson and prays that love will keep them safe. However, when the Southern Arapaho are pulled into war, Winter Fawn knows she must help. Carson and Winter Fawn must count on their love and faith to see them through the storms of war.

Janice Reams Hudson brings the stark and often harsh reality of Western history to life in her full-blooded romances. WINTERS TOUCH sweeps readers into the struggle for peace, the unrelenting desire for war that pits white against Arapaho and the triumph of one womans love. SENSUAL (Mar., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin