Image of Wired (Shomi)


Image of Wired (Shomi)

Time and reality are fluid and at the heart of a dangerous and strange competition that makes up the plotline of Maverick's first-person, mind-bendingly complex futuristic thriller. Heroine L. Roxanne Zaborovsky's past, present
and future begin playing out in various reality threads as she becomes a major player in the race to manipulate a certain reality. Keeping on top of time jumps and reality variations requires lots
of concentration, but it's well worth
the effort.

Reality as Roxanne has known it is blown out of the water the night that two handsome men place her at the center of their war over the future. Shifting realities and jumping time, Mason Merrick and Leonardo Kaysar are practitioners who battle each other to either change reality or restore it.

Initially, all Roxanne comprehends is that a computer code that she will write is at the bottom of this battle, but as realities keep shifting, friends become enemies and vice versa, she works to gain control of the situation. That way, instead of being played, she will be the player. (SHOMI, Jul., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith