With his recently inherited estate in financial shambles, Earl Justin Ravell believes he must find his ward, a long-lost heiress. His search is interrupted when he takes friends to the legendary wishing tree and is injured in an accident. James is brought to a nearby inn where an angel cares for him.

Perdita is only a lowly servant, but caring for the handsome earl rekindles vague memories of another time and place. When Justin sees Perditas distinctive birthmark he believes he may have found his missing wardor someone to impersonate her.

He brings Perdita home and teaches her to be the lady he needs to obtain her fortune and save his home. Yet when attempts are made on Perditas life he realizes he has fallen in love with herno matter her parentage.

With a new take on the old saying be careful what you wish for... Marianne Willman proves she is a mistress of the craft. Several threads of mystery and a tinge of magic are masterfully woven together with a touching love story. Justin and Perditas growing belief in love and magic convinces us that social status doesnt matter and that wishes can surely come true. SENSUAL (Dec., 350 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin