Max Rossmara, the adopted son of Viscount Hunsgore, and Kirsty Mercer, daughter of a tenant on the Kirkcaldy lands of the Rossmaras, grew up together. They are now adults, with Max running the estate for his uncle, the Marquis of Stonehaven, and Kirsty tutoring the children of the house. Max cannot ignore the love he has for this quiet, intelligent woman, a hopeless love for a woman he can never have. Though Kirsty loves him in return, she is aware of her station in life.

To keep Kirsty near him, Max offers her a position as his assistant in estate matters. But neither are prepared for the repercussions that follow.

Raised in an aristocratic family, Max has a duty to his family and to the man he calls father: a responsibility to marry well, though the woman his father has chosen for him is not what she appears to be.

When Max and Kirsty are drawn into a dangerous intrigue, he must choose whether to follow his heart's desire or his duty to his family.

Though THE WISH CLUB is a highly enjoyable read about star-crossed lovers, this reviewer found the slightly unbelievable story line a bit distracting. SENSUAL (June, 552 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond