After two adulterous husbands, children's author Charlayne Pearce has pretty much had it with men. Grateful for a reason to escape from family pressures, she heads to India on the first leg of her trip to Nepal to research her next book.

Andy Korsterin is worried about his brother, Jordan. Since his beloved wife Natalie's death years before, Jordan has merely existed. Natalie always kept a wish list of what she wanted to do in her life, and, sadly, far too many remain undone. Jordan decides to fulfill one wish by going to India to visit Andy and the Taj Mahal.

Fate brings the brothers into contact with Charlayne and for a few days they enjoy one another's company. When Charlayne travels to Nepal, she discovers that her photographer has canceled. Andy suggests that amateur photographer Jordan fly up and take the pictures.

For the first time since Natalie's death, Jordan feels a spark of interest in another woman. He fears that Andy is smitten as well. In the rugged and majestic beauty of Nepal, two damaged and lonely people begin to heal and live again. A vacation love affair is one thing; are they ready to make a lifetime commitment?

With her usual style, accomplished author Jeane Renick tugs on readers' hearts as she brings to life a story of two very special and unique individuals. (Aug., 374 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith