Nicholas James doesn't know how to tell his co-worker Stephanie Martin how he feels about her when the perfect opportunity falls in his lap: he is her "Secret Santa." Now that he's gotten ahold of her "naughty wish list," he plans on having a great deal of fun making her wishes come true.

Steph can't believe her eyes when she opens her naughty gift. The fact that Nicholas would dare such a thing both excites and scares her. When she's cornered by him asking to be given a chance to fulfill her wishes, she agrees, knowing that once the night is over, it's over. But stubborn Nicholas is playing for keeps.

This is a fun, sexy read that will entertain regardless of the time of year. Nicholas is a wonderful hero who makes a perfect "Naughty Santa." (dl $ 2.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers