Image of To Wish or Not to Wish (As You Wish)


Image of To Wish or Not to Wish (As You Wish)

A lot of books have been written about being a single girl in the big city, but none like this. Klasky provides fun and entertainment while offering a thought-provoking view of relationships. A thinking woman’s romance, this one should not be missed!

Erin Hollister’s life couldn’t be worse. Her boyfriend turns out to be anything but Prince Charming, she loses her steady job, and her dream to act on Broadway is going nowhere. So when she rubs a lamp and the proverbial genie materializes to grant her wishes, she figures, what can be the downside? Deciding what to wish for and when is a lot harder than one might think as Erin struggles to decide between the good of her family, her career and her love life. Time is running out and deadlines can make decisions harder, unless the real magic has been there all along. (MIRA, Oct., 352 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes