Kate Summer is approached with a wild scheme. A Boston society debutante has just given birth to an illegitimate baby boy and the family wants the baby taken far, far away-never to return. Having just lost her husband and baby daughter to a drunk driver, Kate is in a vulnerable state and agrees to take the child.

Fifteen years later, Kate and her son are living quietly in a small Oregon town. Ever since he was young, Jon has shown signs that he is gifted (or cursed) with visions that have an uncanny knack of coming true. Recently he has been tormented by visions that his life is about to be changed by a stranger. But is that man a friend or a foe?

Daegan O'Rourke has suddenly been informed that an ill-fated one-night stand with his cousin Bibi resulted in a son. He tracks down Kate and Jon and moves in next door. Besides coming to love Jon, Daegan discovers he is highly attracted to Kate. But Jon has warned her that someone may want him dead. Does Kate dare risk a relationship with Daegan?

Determined to find his illegitimate grandchild-now the sole heir to the family line-Robert Sullivan hires a sleazy P.I. by the name of Van Horn. Seeing a chance to capitalize on the situation, Van Horn decides to auction off his information to the highest bidder in the family. But there are those who would prefer that Jon never be found...

Lisa Jackson turns out another sure-fire winner with this engrossing tale of twisted family relationships filled with dark, dangerous emotions that have formed an intricate pattern of cruelty and deceit. Be prepared for hours of gripping and suspenseful reading! (Dec., 480 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith