Santa's spouse, the irrepressible Merry Nicholas, is back once again, bringing a touch of magic into some lonely people's lives.

Bunch Gulch, Montana, won't know what hit it once best-selling romance novelist Laurie Langtry returns. Years ago, Laurie AKA Annie Flynn was the town's bad girl. Raised by a resentful grandmother, young Annie learned that it was just easier to live down to everyone's expectations.

After Annie fled Bunch Gulch, she reinvented herself as Laurie Langtry. Now world famous and wealthy, Laurie seeks acceptance in her hometown while she hides from a dangerous stalker.

While Laurie's star has been ascending, Jake McAllister's has been on the decline. His parents sold off the family land from underneath him, then his wife took off and left him with three rambunctious boys to raise. He's furious that Laurie has bought McAllister land.

Laurie loves her new home and her unusual housekeeper Merry Nicholas. Everything about Merry seems magical, and Laurie will need all the help she can get convincing Jake to put aside his pride and fear and take a chance on love.

Impressive author Patti Berg continues her captivating, heartwarming series featuring the charming Merry. WISHES COME TRUE is top notch, fun reading. (June, 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith