Zoe Calderone has more than enough on her plate trying to raise her nine-year-old daughter Mary and keep her fledgling multimedia business ZEVA afloat. She has no time and no belief in the magical possibilities embraced by her partner Elvina. That is until the day Mary and Elvina con Zoe into enacting a summoning ceremony. Before Zoe's amazed eyes an extraordinarily handsome and naked man appears.

Simon has mixed feelings about being summoned by humans again. Enslaved centuries ago by a sorcerer and his faithless daughter, Simon must serve 101 masters before he can return to Kaf, his djinni homeland.

When an incredulous Zoe accidentally uses her first wish, she can't deny the facts. A believer in hard work and self-reliance, Zoe adamantly refuses to use her remaining wishes. A frustrated Simon finds himself stuck on Terra living with this unusual family of humans.

Despite his disdain for humans, Simon is highly attracted to the stubborn Zoe. Her refusal to wish becomes an intoxicating, sensual battle of wills.

In spite of their growing emotional bond, unless Zoe and Simon can find a way to bridge the gap between them, they may be forever separated by walls built of culture and race.

WISHES COME TRUE is a delightful story that takes the Aladdin/ Arabian Nights theme and adds a uniquely modern twist. Ms. Nance has a winner. (Feb., 365 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith