In this spin-off of Echoes in the Mist, Andrea Kane once more weaves a tale of passion and mystery to delight readers.

With her father's life in danger, Nicole Aldridge proposes a daring masquerade. She will pose as her father's new protege, an up-and-coming young jockey, and travel to Dustin Kingsley, Marquess of Tyreham's home to take over as horse trainer and rider.

It doesn't take Dustin long to uncover Nicole's masquerade and to try and help her father escape from the men who want him dead. What neither Nicole or Dustin realize is the grave danger they are all trapped in or how to extricate themselves from a dark entanglement and intrigue.

Though each fights the attraction, they are unable to resist love's grasp or the mystery surrounding her father's enemy. A famous race, Nicole's special wishing locket and a daring escapade bring Dustin and Nicole the chance to capture love and erase evil.

Andrea Kane's spellbinding tale certainly captures readers who like more suspense with their romance. In WISHES IN THE WIND she delicately balances a complex mystery and an unforgettable romance. SENSUAL (Aug., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin