Image of Wishful Thinking


Image of Wishful Thinking

Stormy is feisty and passionate, and a wonderful addition to the godmothers. Wishful Thinking is a great end to a series, effectively wrapping everything up with the best possible outcome. But hopefully this book doesn’t mean the end of the godmothers!

When Stormy Jones-Smythe is chosen as the newest godmother, she faces a lot of changes, including less time to weave, more time under security watch and a possible romance with her guard, Hunter Merrick. The Council believes that the godmothers are out for more power and begin to put their faith in a man who has his own selfish wishes. Stormy can’t deny her connection to the godmothers, just as Hunter is forced to serve the Council’s wishes. In the end, Stormy must choose between the two sides of her heart, in the hope of saving them all. (TOR, April, 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lauren Becker