The Fairbournes of Applecore, Cape Cod return with the story of Samson Fairbourne, perhaps most stubborn of the Fairbourne clan. Samson has no time for anything in his life but his ship; certainly there is no woman who can master this seaman. To prove his point, Samson writes the description of his perfect woman and puts it in a bottle that he tosses overboard.

Polly Bray has no time for frivolity in her life. Dressing as a boy allows her to work like her father, a proud New England fisherman. Polly cherishes her freedom and would not trade her life of independence for one of marriage.

When Polly finds Samson?s bottle, the message inside has a strange consequence. Suddenly Polly is catapulted into Samson?s world, and right in the middle of a wager between Samson and his cousin Zach. The old adage ?be careful what you wish for? has a new meaning for these headstrong, perfectly matched lovers.

Readers are sure to find themselves swept off their feet by this utterly enchanting and imaginative romance from the mistress of the seafaring love story. Delightfully charming and fun, yet poignant, exciting and romantic, this is Miranda Jarrett at her finest! SENSUAL (Feb., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin