Image of The Wishing Thread: A Novel


Image of The Wishing Thread: A Novel

Fans of magical realism will want to pick up this enjoyable novel, which not only weaves magic through stitchery, but also weaves a realistic story about family and sisterhood and the threads that pull us back home. The story centers on the Van Ripper sisters — Aubrey, Bitty and Meggie — but Aubrey’s character is given the most attention and is the most fleshed out. She is also the character whom readers will gravitate toward as she navigates from shy, awkward future spinster to a happy, confident woman transformed by love. Moreover, this transformational love is the kind to root for: a sweet, heartfelt attraction that brings a smile to one’s face — no further magic required.

In Tarrytown, N.Y., the Van Ripper women, down through the centuries, have been known for weaving spells into their stitchery. But it has come at a great cost and sacrifice to their personal lives, as many of them have been frowned upon and whispered about in the community, and they have chosen to remain alone. Now, with the passing of their aunt, the present-day Van Ripper women and sisters have reunited to decide not only the eventual fate of their family’s business, but also to choose whether to join in the town’s current fight against a greedy businessman. With each sister having a distinctive personality, as well as each being at an individual crossroads in their lives, will they be able to come to a decision that’s satisfying for all? (BALLANTINE, Sep., 285 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susannah Balch