The second of four novels reissued as 2-in-1s, this book contains two classic American tales of romance set against the backdrop of the gorgeous landscape of Montana.

"Hidden Dreams" follows Margaret Anthony, a wealthy woman from Chicago who has inherited shares of a logging company in Montana from her father. Chip Thorn, the owner of the logging company, also inherited his portion from his father. Chip is curious about the woman who takes an interest in his company and worried about what she may do with her shares. But the more time Margaret spends in Montana -- and with Chip -- the more she realizes it is where she belongs.

"She Wanted Red Velvet" opens with Gloria Masterson and her son leaving a lousy husband and father behind in Cincinnati and journeying to a better life in Montana with her Aunt Ethel. Jack Evans saves them from not-so-good men at a rest stop. Though he may look like a wild man on the outside, he's a sensitive guy at heart. Jack loves to aggravate Gloria, misses being a dad and soon after meeting them, realizes that he not only wants to be a part of their lives, he needs to.

Garlock's heroines are strong women with heart and determination, but they shed several tears along the way. The men are very much the alpha males of most romance novels. The heroines put up a decent fight against the stubborn men but, in the end, lose their hearts to a happy ending. (Aug. 405 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Tonya Nagle