Image of Wisp of a Thing: A Novel of the Tufa (Tufa Novels)


Image of Wisp of a Thing: A Novel of the Tufa (Tufa Novels)

The second novel in Bledsoe’s Tufa series suffers from what much of the first book did: unrealized potential. The heart of the plot takes too much time to unfold, grief is rendered in stereotypical fashion and most of the female characters fail to rise above the slot into which they’ve been pigeonholed. Situations seem curiously imbalanced (a hero who wants to escape his life and publicity still updates his Facebook status), and the text relies too heavily on names beginning with the same letter; and Bliss, Berklee, and Bronwyn feel interchangeable as the story develops.

After a very public tragedy, Rob Quillen wants only to escape the world. He seeks refuge in Cloud County, partly looking for the mysterious Tufa, who are said to inhabit that region of Tennessee. What Rob discovers in the mountains will not be easily explained; he gets caught up in a power struggle that may end a timeless curse. (TOR, Jun., 352 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Elise Tobler