Gwendolyn is to be burned as a witch, not because she uses magical powers, but because she refuses to relinquish the secret she holds. But before the fire can be lit by her father's enemy, she is pulled from the stake by Alex MacDunn and swept away.

Alex is determined to find a cure for his son's illness and if this witch can save his son, then she is worth bringing wrath upon his clan. But how can one small, beautiful, young woman have the power to make his son well when so many others have failed?

Gwendolyn believes she has simply gone from the frying pan into the fire. She is not free, but a prisoner of a madman whose irrational needs have driven him to endanger everyone involved. When she looks into his eyes, she sees a vulnerability, a yearning so strong it draws her closer to the desire within her soul.

Gwendolyn does her best to discover what is causing Alex's son David's illness. She keeps the child company, telling him wondrous tales of adventure, magic and mystery. But as David appears to begin to recover, strange accidents plague Gwendolyn. Alex fears that someone within his castle wants her dead.

As their passion flares, so too does the danger. But it's worth it to discover a love that knows no bounds.

Karyn Monk's exciting tale will captivate readers who will find THE WITCH AND THE WARRIOR a fast-paced one night read. The aura of magic, plus the mystery and searing passion keep the pages flying and the loving heated. SENSUAL (June, 335 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin