Image of Witch Heart (Elemental Witches, Book 3)


Image of Witch Heart (Elemental Witches, Book 3)

This pursuit novel rockets forward as the protagonists fight to stay alive and face their growing attraction to one another. Fascinating secondary characters all cry out for their own books. Here's hoping the talented Bast will oblige.

After saving coven leader Thomas Monahan when he was held prisoner in the demon realm Eudae, human witch Claire, handmaiden of the powerful demon Rue, chose not to leave. When Rue is attacked by Atrika demons, he imbues Claire with their most powerful weapon and shoves her back to Earth.

Fire witch Adam helps rescue Claire. Since Claire carries the elium --the equivalent of a magical nuclear bomb -- within her, the demons will stop at nothing to capture her. Adam and the coven must race against time to stop the Atrika and safely remove the elium from Claire. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Jan., 320 pp., S7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith