Image of The Witch Thief


Image of The Witch Thief

THE WITCH THIEF (4.5) by Lori Devoti: One hundred years after stealing a chalice from dragon shifter Joarr, the witch Amma is forced to help him recover the cup from the dwarf to whom she traded it, in order to help save the dragon race from a mysterious illness that’s killing young dragons. But working with Joarr only makes Amma remember what attracted her to him in the first place. Learning more about the dragon race — and that the males raise male children — only makes her more determined to trick Joarr out of the boy child she carries. Devoti packs nonstop action and excitement into a riveting and quickly moving plot. Additionally, the characters are quite well drawn. Joarr is an irresistibly sexy hero, and Amma is the perfect strong female archetype.

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay