YA bestseller de la Cruz makes the leap into adult fiction with this spellbinding tale. Fans of Cruz’s Blue Bloods will no doubt be pleased, as will Witches of Eastwick devotees. It is only a tacked-on ending, with a fantastical lore never before mentioned, that mars this pleasant tale. Perfect beach reading.

The Beauchamp family lives in a sleepy, mysteriously hard-to-find beach town on the east end of Long Island. The three women have forsaken their magical powers thanks to a ban after the disastrous Salem witch trials, and now live basically normal lives: Joanna, the matriarch; Freya, the sultry bartender and Ingrid, the staid town librarian. But as summer begins and Freya celebrates her engagement to wealthy heir Bran, the family is soon tempted to use their powers. Freya mixes love potions at the bar and Ingrid helps a friend with her fertility problems, at first to town accolades, and then to derision and suspicion. Will the Beauchamps survive another trial? And just whom should Freya be marrying? (HYPERION, Jun., 288 pp., $23.99)
Reviewed by: 
Marie Bongiorno