Accepting the position as head ranger at Nature's Refuge in the Georgia swamps seems like the perfect job for werewolf Adam Marshall. The freedom to run through the preserve in wolf form is ideal, but there is a nasty fly in the ointment: The previous head ranger was murdered, and when Adam stumbles across a late-night mystical ceremony, he nearly becomes the next victim.

Years earlier, the town of Wayland murdered a young woman suspected of being a witch. Now a powerful coven has decided to settle the score. Adam and newly arrived Sara, a botanist, are the only ones who stand in the coven's way. Can they combine their talents to fight this evil? While Adam already knows about his unique heritage, Sara is only just discovering hers. Can she learn to master her own powerful skills in time?

Thrills, chills and the downright eerie make WITCHING MOON a must-read! Proving her ability to write in any subgenre, York delivers. (Oct., 352 pp., ($5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith