Image of The Witch's Initiation


Image of The Witch's Initiation
THE WITCH'S INITIATION (3) by Elle James: After her youngest sister disappears while at college, Deme Chattox and her three other sisters converge on the campus to rescue Aurai from the dark force that seems to have spirited her away. Once there, Deme gets help from police officer Cal Black, her former fiancé. Cal’s the man she ran away from a year earlier rather than confess that she’s a witch. But Cal quickly learns to adjust when much of what he sees on the college campus defies explanation, and soon it’s very easy to believe Deme is a witch — as easy as it is to acknowledge he still loves her. James combines great description and a novel storyline, but the resolution happens just a bit too quickly given all of the buildup during the course of the story.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay