Image of Within Reach


Image of Within Reach
WITHIN REACH (4.5) by Sarah Mayberry: Ten months after her best friend Billie Robinson dies of an undiagnosed congenital heart defect, Angela Bartlett is determined to force Billie’s widower, Michael, back into the land of the living. Having taken a year off of work and burrowed away with his children to mourn, Angie is worried that Michael’s not getting any better, and she decides to spend more time with him and the children in order to help out. Having never really looked at Michael as a man before, Angie is horrified by her attraction to him — as Michael is when he realizes he is attracted to Angie. Mayberry does a great job depicting both Angie’s and Michael’s reluctance to give in to their mutual attraction and their guilt over what they both see as a betrayal of Billie. In spite of the sad beginning, the story is a touching tale of recovering from grief and getting a second chance at love.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay