Jane Russo is a sketch artist who has a gift for helping victims remember their attackers' faces. Despite this, she is frustrated by her inability to remember the person who raped her when she was 16. Because of this, Jane has been unsuccessful in her work with some younger rape victims.

When another rapist, one who is targeting young girls, strikes, Jane isn't ready. But a young girl is now missing, and Jane may be the only person who has a chance to help her.

Agent Ray Vanover doesn't believe Jane is the only hope to solving this case, and he resents having to work with her. Ray also has a past that could interfere with this case. Will Jane and Ray be able to overcome these traumatic experiences and work together to save the missing girl?

WITHOUT A TRACE is a remarkably intriguing romantic suspense. The small slices of time spent with the villain keep the suspense building. The segments dealing with the hero's past and the way it ties in with the main story are gratifying. And the secondary mystery about the heroine's attack is well done and provides a satisfactory conclusion. (Nov., 304 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley