Image of Without You


Image of Without You

Sarginson’s latest is an extremely well-written, but emotionally distant affair. The reader never truly engages with any of the characters except for Faith, the sister of the supposedly drowned Eva. Her faith keeps her believing that her sibling is still alive and helps with the narrative that jumps too much in both time and viewpoint; it takes a few lines of text before it becomes clear who is narrating the scene. The prose sings, but it’s too bad the rest of the book does not resonate.

A father and his young daughter, Eva, go sailing and everything goes wrong. He’s knocked unconscious and Eva appears to have drowned. The family is devastated. Faith, Eva’s younger sister, cannot believe her sister is gone. In fact, she believes Eva is alive and goes to great lengths to prove it. Eva did survive, and she’s being held captive on a remote island with her hope of rescue continuing to dwindle. (REDHOOK, Jun., 400 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jeff Ayers