Image of Wit's End


Image of Wit's End

Fowler's intriguing story focuses
on a woman who's lost her father,
a well-known journalist, and sets out
to discover who he was behind the public persona. At times the story gets bogged down as it splinters off in several directions, but with its quirky and eccentric characters, it proves to be quite interesting.

When Rima Lanisell visits her godmother, Addison Early, the creator of the famous fictional detective Maxwell Lane, she realizes she wants to know the stories behind Addison's fictional stories. There are characters named after real people, including Rima's father, whom Rima is especially curious about Addison's relationship and eventual falling out with.

She starts reading fan letters, blogs and message boards. One fan, in particular, wants her and Addison's attention and seems to know something about Rima's father. Will finding the answers finally allow Rima to understand her own fractured history? (PUTNAM, Apr., 336 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers