Image of Wizard's Daughter: Bride Series


Image of Wizard's Daughter: Bride Series

Coulter allows her imagination free flight in a strikingly different romantic fantasy. She lures readers into a labyrinth of clues from a legendary text that lead to a land of wizards, witches, a dragon or two, adventures and passion. Here's a highly sensual tale brimming with the startling power of magic and myth.

Years ago Ryder Sherbrooke rescued a child who was nearly beaten to death and uttered a haunting riddle-like song that no one understood. They named her Rosalind de la Fontaine. At her first London season, she encounters Nicholas Vail, the Earl of Mountjoy, who's recently returned home from China.

Rosalind's song and an underlying power draw them together, and it's love at first sight. Then Grayson Sherbrooke uncovers a mysterious book, written in the 16th century, that only Rosalind can translate. As the ancient wizard's story comes to light, strange things begin happening. Ghosts talk and Rosalind listens. Somehow all this has to do with the text and the godlike wizards of a strange land who speak though Rosalind's song. She's the key to a 100-year-old mystery, and she and Nicholas must travel to a mystic mountain to complete a dangerous task and claim their destiny. (Jove, Jan., 359 pp., $7.99)

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Kathe Robin