Wizard’s Trap has a promising storyline but still misses the mark. Most of the the action, recounted in a few lines in the hero’s journal, happens before we meet the protagonists. In addition, the emotional and physical conflicts described function as a means to extend the story, not as a genuine expression of distrust and danger. The loves scenes lack passion. More attention to character development and dialogue would have made this a better novel.

Laurel felt an attraction to Gil Vincenzo, but she was in a committed relationship when they met. Now, she’s single, but Gil is presumed dead! Laurel rents Gil’s home and holds a seance to communicate with his ghost and learn the details of his demise. But Gil is not dead. He’s a wizard, trapped in another dimension, and needs her help to come home. Will love prove to be the strongest magic of all? (ELLORASCAVE.COM, dl $4.45)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart