Heroine Firekeeper and her sentient wolf companion, Blind Seer, are kidnapped and taken as guests of the Liglimoshi, who appear to worship sentient animals and place a high value on various portents and omens. Also taken captive is Firekeeper's friend Derian Carter, who has smoothed Firekeeper's path since she came to live among the humans instead of Blind Seer and his pack.

Firekeeper, Blind Seer and Derian have no choice but to maneuver for their very lives in a society where they don't speak the language and where the very basis of the society is utterly foreign to them. Firekeeper believes the sentient animals are being held against their will, and feels she must investigate.

Firekeeper's relationship with Blind Seer is one of the most interesting things about this book. Watching Firekeeper learn about humanity and still maintain her identity as a wolf makes for compelling reading. Intricately plotted and written, Lindskold's latest creates an utterly fascinating world that readers can thoroughly lose themselves in. (Nov., 528 pp., $27.95)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs