Image of Wolf Creek Wedding (Love Inspired Historical)


Image of Wolf Creek Wedding (Love Inspired Historical)

WOLF CREEK WEDDING (3) by Penny Richards: When Caleb Gentry’s wife dies in childbirth, he hires recently widowed mother Abigail Carter to take care of the baby. Though Abby and Caleb share the loss of a spouse, Abby lost a spouse she loved, Caleb did not. And although Abby depends on God to help her through tough times, Caleb depends on himself. Things are going well until circumstances make marriage a necessity. Is this truly God’s plan for Abby and, if so, can she find happiness in a loveless marriage? These characters and their situation make for a fine and sympathetic romance. A spiteful gossiping church member and references to cruel hunting practices, though true to the story’s setting of Arkansas in the 1880s, take away some of the story’s pleasure.

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley