For centuries, the Others have lived hidden among humans, carefully guarding their existence. In modern times, it is getting more difficult for them to keep their secret. Plus, they risk exposure from a covert human society dedicated to exposing and destroying them.

Irish werewolf Sullivan Quinn has come to New York to meet with the American Others Council, which is comprised of various werefolk, vampires, Fae and other kinds of magical beings. Quinn represents the European Others, who believe it's time to gradually start revealing their existence to the human population. Knowing this will be an unpopular idea, Quinn needs his diplomatic skills honed, because he can't afford to be distracted. But that is exactly what happens when he catches the scent of Foxwoman Cassidy Poe. Discovering that his destined mate is not lupine is challenging, but Quinn is not deterred. Unfortunately, the radical Light of Truth society is closing in on the Others and may have gained evidence to expose them.

Warren joins the ranks of exciting and talented authors bringing fascinating alternate realities to life. Laying out her new world order, she delivers an extremely sexy and scintillating paranormal adventure, with characters who are highly intriguing. Finding a new author and new series with huge potential is always a joy. (Mar., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith